Congratulations on Your New Home!

Reliant Air Conditioning Will Register The Warranty For Your Equipment On Your Behalf. Register Here!

Reliant Air Conditioning is a proud partner with your home builder! In most cases, your new home's air conditioning equipment comes standard with a 5-year parts warranty

However, if you register your equipment within 90 days that warranty gets extended to ten years (provided no lapse in preventative maintenance)! The good news: we'll do that all for you!

Important Information:

  • Annual preventative maintenance is required as a condition of your manufacturer's equipment/parts warranty.

  • Failure to perform the preventative maintenance can void your warranty, EVEN ON NEW EQUIPMENT!

  • Proof of maintenance records must be maintained in the event of a warranty claim.

Simply click the button above and fill out the form within 30 days of closing, and we'll register the equipment (with the appropriate model/serial numbers) directly with the Manufacturer on your behalf. You can then sign up for our Annual Preventative Maintenance Program, which includes heating and cooling tune-ups, in order to satisfy the maintenance component of your equipment warranty.