Receive a Federal Energy Tax Credit

Take Advantage of Great Savings

Did you know that you can basically get paid just for being energy-efficient? Cost-saving energy tax credits have been awarded to residents who have decided to make the smart choice and "go green" for many years now, and Reliant Air Conditioning has all of the details that you need to start putting money in your pocket while saving on your utility costs. Whether you need to upgrade your home's current HVAC system or you've purchased a brand new, energy-efficient air conditioner for a home you're currently building, there may be an energy tax credit waiting just for you right now.

The federal government, along with state and local governments, are currently offering financial incentives for people to upgrade their heating or cooling systems to energy efficient alternatives, meaning you could experience savings on your energy costs while receiving energy tax credits for doing so.

The Benefits of Going Green

Reliant's HVAC technicians offer professional air conditioner installation services of the top name brand air conditioners, including Carrier and Lennox. Residents who have upgraded their air conditioning systems to more eco-friendly units have already started experiencing additional savings, and you can, too. See the difference a new air conditioner can have on your electric bill, and learn how much you can save by going green. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our affordable heating and cooling products, as well as your current energy tax credit opportunities.

We can provide you with all of the information you need to have your air conditioner or heater replaced and take advantage of extra savings through energy tax credit and rebate programs available to you right now. By switching to green energy alternatives, you're also wasting less energy and preserving the environment, making our energy tax credit opportunities an even bigger value.

Click here to download the 5695 Residential Energy Credits form.

* Free estimate on replacement equipment only.